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COVID-19 impact on our activities

The the spread of corona virus and the lockdown of all EU countries has had an unprecedented impact on our activities. We are forced to cancel or postpone all our activities for better times. We are committed to providing our partners and participants with support and flexibility to answer this crises in the best way we can. The EU commission has informed the National Agencies and the beneficiaries whose activities have been impacted by corona virus about the possibility of the use of 'force majeure' clauses and advising to cancel or postpone all transnational activities until further notice. We also decided to waive any cancellation fees to participants enrolled to one or more of our programmes affected by the COVID-19. Those who need a document stating that the programme has been cancelled or postponed can contact us through the contact form and we will send them the document in the shortest possible time. We are missing the events and programmes as much as anyone and we are constantly monitoring the situation to evaluate when it will be possible to organize events again. As soon as we will be able to do it safely we will keep you updated! Until then, stay safe and look after yourself and your loved ones.

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